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A Comprehensive Look at Garland’s Products and Services

Our brochures provide an in-depth look at Garland’s wide breadth of roofing systems and components as well as their features and benefits.

Explore Garland’s commitment to technology, process, relationships, and results, including our twelve-step process.
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Coatings Solutions
Learn when it’s appropriate to use restoration as an alternative to replacement.
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Metal Solutions
Garland's premium metal solutions provide honest performance, trusted protection and an alluring style to complement the design of any building.
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Metal Colour Chart
Review all the colour options offered in our standard, designer, premium, and vintage stone collections.
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Modified Bitumen Roofing Solutions
Review a product chart listing performance attributes of our modified bitumen roofing systems, application and surfacing options, and a list of markets we service.
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Preventive Maintenance
Review our line of preventive maintenance products, application and surfacing options, and benefits of preventive maintenance.
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Standing Seam Metal
Take an in-depth look at our expansive line of architectural and standing seam metal roof and wall systems.
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Sustainable Solutions
Identify Garland’s growing line of products that incorporate recycled material, extend the service life of your roof, promote resource conservation, and use renewable energy.
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