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High-Performance Building Envelope Solutions

Throughout its more than 100-year history, The Garland Company, Inc. has continually developed unique product and service offerings that have raised the bar of performance while exceeding the individual needs of customers throughout the world.

Today, our network of representatives is ideally positioned throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom to provide quality roofing & building envelope solutions for facility managers. Garland is able to meet the performance and budgetary requirements of a complete range of commercial, industrial, and public building markets by offering a wide range of product and service solutions for new construction, retrofit, renovation, and maintenance projects. We offer:

Garland is a living legacy of industry "firsts" in products and services with numerous award-winning innovations, including some of the industry's most exciting sustainable solutions. We were among the first roofing companies in North America to embrace green technologies, and remain at the forefront of sustainable solutions through a combination of product research and development. The technologies we develop and manufacture, the raw materials we purchase, the processes we use, the delivery methods we offer, and the services we provide are driven by a simple philosophy: listen to what today's customers need, anticipate what tomorrow's customers will want.