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Organizational chart of the Garland Culture

Creating Success Through a People-First Philosophy

Garland is unique not only in the products and services we offer, but in the way we conduct our business. Our philosophy has always been to put our customers first.

Protecting Your Building Assets

We are governed by an upside-down organizational chart that places our customers on top; our sales force second (as the most direct link to them), and everyone else at their service. We believe the only way to build lasting success for our extended family of employee-owners is to help our customers succeed.

Garland, by choice, is not trying to be the biggest roofing manufacturer on the planet; instead, we are determined to be the best. Raising the bar of performance is intrinsic to our culture. Whether in research and development, sales, or service, if there is a better way, Garland will find and implement it. Because we are driven to be the best in everything we do, our niche is to provide high-performance, long-lasting solutions to every market we serve.

Our ability to adapt to change is another integral part of our continued success. We have evolved over the last century from our roots as a simple distributor of industrial greases to today’s position as a leader in innovative roofing & building envelope technologies. We are continuously exploring new opportunities to leverage our core values across new enterprises that will provide added value to existing customers.

We firmly believe that our strong commitment to honouring our core values is directly linked to our success and continued growth.

The Garland Core Values