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Photo of the Garland plant over 100 years ago

Garland’s History of Growth and Innovation Spans More Than a Century

Garland’s history beginning in 1895 with the purchase of the Garland Refining Company to becoming a leading manufacturer of high-performance roofing solutions.

Garland's storied history began in 1895 when Jacob B. Wise purchased the Garland Company, Inc., known then as the Garland Refining Company, for $100 with money he borrowed from his brother, Samuel. Throughout the last century, Garland has become a leader in the commercial roofing industry by providing high-performance, innovative waterproofing solutions engineered for long-term performance. We have succeeded by remaining dedicated to our customers and continually developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of a demanding global market.

Since its founding, Garland has been building lasting partnerships with customers looking for long-term solutions to their roofing problems. Garland systems have been field proven to withstand the test of time. Our reputation as a leading supplier of high-performance solutions for the building envelope is due to our unwillingness to sacrifice quality or good roofing practices to "win a sale."

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