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Manufacturing and quality control photo

Manufacturing Products That Perform Above Industry Standards

Our manufacturing process and products are monitored through the ISO 9001 certification as well as Garland’s stringent internal quality control program, ensuring the highest level of quality is continuously maintained and improved. Garland products are also independently tested against the industry’s most rigorous standards, including Factory Mutual, Underwriter’s labouratories, and Dade County, Florida.

We currently hold a ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Garland manufactures nearly all the products we sell and has done so since our inception in 1895. We are committed to investing in the most advanced technologies, implementing the latest quality control procedures, maintaining an experienced work force, and − most importantly − doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. To ensure our products are manufactured to perform above industry standards, our multi-million dollar production facilities use state-of-the-art microprocessor controls that provide flexible, accurate quality control management for optimum rooftop performance.

Every Garland-manufactured product begins with raw materials of the highest quality.

Dedicated to Providing You with the Highest-Quality Products

GMAX (Garland Manufacturing Attention to Excellence)

GMAX is a proactive quality assurance program. By emphasizing communication among our entire team - from employees on the production line to the management team - our manufacturing team dynamic is strong and everyone shares personal ownership of our products and processes. 

GMAX holds our manufacturing processes to the highest standard and focuses on communication, education, safety, quality and efficiency. The result is consistent, high-quality, trustworthy Garland products.