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photo of roofing coatings

Coatings That Maximize Your Return on Investment and Increase Energy Efficiency

Garland offers a complete range of coatings that enhance, restore, and repair your roofing systems. Our coatings are designed for use with single-ply, BUR, modified bitumen, and metal substrates for a variety of slope configurations.

Reflective/ Non-Reflective Links

Restoration Links

Primer Links

photo of reflective roof coating


Extend the life of your roof with our line of reflective and non-reflective coatings, proven to reduce energy usage and improve chemical resistance, moisture control, and colour retention.
Reflective/Non-Reflective Coatings

photo of restorative roof coating being applied


Maximize the return on your rooftop investment with Garland's restorative coatings, an economical alternative to total tear-off and replacement.
Restoration Coatings

photo of roof with primer


Improve the adhesion between the existing roof substrate and topcoat with our wide range of primers.
Garland Primers