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photo of refinished industrial floor

Our line of interior flooring and concrete repair products help improve safety, aesthetics, and provide an increased level of protection

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photo of Chem-Screen Topcoat application

Chem-Screen Topcoat

A topcoat recommended for chemical coating spill areas, troughs, curbs and tanks.
Chem-Screen Topcoat

photo of Fill-Loc Crack Repair

Fill-Loc Crack Repair

Two-component, 100% solids epoxy crack repair designed to fill hairline stress cracks found in most concrete floors and walls.
Fill-Loc Crack Repair

photo of Floor-Loc HB application

Floor-Loc™ HB

A clear, VOC compliant, two-component 100% solids epoxy seal coat.
Floor-Loc HB

photo of Floor-Loc VOC application

Floor-Loc™ VOC

A two-component polyester/aliphatic polyurethane floor sealer.
Floor-Loc VOC

photo of Floor-Loc WB application

Floor-Loc™ WB

A clear water-based, high-performance polyester/aliphatic polyurethane floor sealer.
Floor-Loc WB

photo of Gar-Rock


All weather, fast-setting, concrete patching material designed to repair industrial concrete floors.

photo of Oil-Stop Primer application

Oil-Stop™ Primer

Solvent-based epoxy coating for use on petroleum-based, oil-contaminated concrete.
Oil-Stop Primer

photo of Perma-Top Cove application

Perma-Top™ Cove

Urethane mortar designed for cove base applications.
Perma-Top Cove

photo of Perma-Joint Sealant

Perma-Joint Sealant FS

Hybrid, 100% solid sealants used to fill control and expansion joints in concrete floors.
Perma-Joint Sealant FS

photo of Perma-Top Patch Kit

Perma-Top Patch Kit

Three-component, epoxy/aggregate concrete repair compound used to repair holes and wide cracks in concrete floors.
Perma-Top Patch Kit

photo of Protector SS application

Protector™ SS

A one-component, multi-functional, water soluble sealer.
Protector SS

photo of Tread-Shield Flex Primer application

Tread-Shield® Flex Primer

An epoxy primer designed for sealing high-traffic surfaces exposed to heavy vehicular or foot traffic.
Tread-Shield Flex Primer

photo of Tread-Shield Primer WB application

Tread-Shield® Primer WB

A two-component, water-based, VOC compliant primer for concrete floors.
Tread-Shield Primer WB

photo of Tread-Shield Topcoat application

Tread-Shield® Topcoat

Industrial concrete and metal surface epoxy coating.
Tread-Shield Topcoat

photo of Perma-Coat Traffic Paint

Tread-Shield Traffic Line Paint

Used as a permanent traffic marker for aisle ways, walkways and loading areas..
Tread-Shield Traffic Line Paint