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photo commercial building roof with roll goods

Garland's Modified Bitumen Membranes Provide Unmatched Protection

Garland manufactures the strongest, toughest modified bitumen membranes available in the industry. By developing unique combinations of polymers, such as SBS, SIS, and SEBS, we have continuously extended the service life of our modified bitumen systems. The use of superior polymers along with high-strength reinforcements ensures customers receive the maximum life-cycle return on their capital roofing investment.

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base and felt sheets image

Base & Felt Sheets

Our base and felt sheets offer numerous features such as, UV resistance, heat resistance, and low temperature flexibility to create a stronger, more secure roof assembly.
Base and Felt Sheets

membrane cap sheets image

Membranes (Cap Sheets)

Our expansive lines of high-performance roofing membranes offer unparalleled strength, durability and functionality, providing long-term waterproofing protection for your roofing assets.
Garland Membranes

roofing underlayments photo


Garland's underlayments provide an extra layer of waterproofing protection in a variety of roofing systems.
Garland Underlayments

photo of reinforcements being applied to a roof


Our polyester and fiberglass reinforcements provide increased strength performance characteristics for a variety of roofing applications.
Garland Reinforcements

photo of Sunburst vs standard mineral comparison


Surfacing minerals that provide a superior reflective surface.
Sunburst Minerals