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photo of roofing sealant

Roofing Solutions with Numerous Environmental Benefits

Garland has long been committed to providing customers with sustainable roofing solutions and has expanded its product line to include vegetative roofing solutions and components. We were among the first roofing companies in North America to embrace green technologies, introducing the first green roof system as early as 1991 – a full decade before sustainable design was more universally accepted.

Vegetative Links

As an early adopter, manufacturer, and distributor of sustainable solutions, Garland has helped influence the industry's shift toward developing greener roofing solutions. Our vegetative roof tray system and its components offer the protection of a traditional roofing system while also providing numerous environmental benefits, including:

photo of GreenShield Module

GreenShield® Module

Vegetative roof tray system that provides aesthetic flexibility and easy access to underlying roof systems.
GreenShield Module

photo of GreenShield Filterdrain 110

GreenShield® Filterdrain 110

High-density, polyethylene filter mat allows excess water from a green roof system to filter through and shed off the roof.
GreenShield Filterdrain 110

photo of GreenShield Root Reinforcement 210

GreenShield® Root Reinforcement 210

Three-dimensional, heavy nylon root stabilizer mat provides a unified substrate for roots to tie into.
GreenShield Root Reinforcement 210

photo of GreenShield Oasis

GreenShield® Oasis 320, 321, 327/ 340, 341, 345 WC/ 350, 351, 354

Soilless plant growth substrates that can be used in both intensive and extensive vegetative roof systems.
GreenShield Oasis