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Providing a Thorough Analysis of Your Roof

Garland provides a variety of building evaluation services to ensure you have the most accurate information available when making decisions regarding your building envelope.

EagleView® offers you a quick and easy way to obtain aerial roof measurements that can be used in setting up your roof management program. Garland’s Thermascan moisture scans allow you to “see” beneath the roof membrane, revealing small leaks before they become big problems. Our life-cycle costing tool calculates the true cost of your roof system over its life cycle, allowing you to achieve the maximum return on your roofing investment

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Get fast, accurate roof measurements.
EagleView Features

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Infrared Scans

Determine whether repair, restoration or replacement is right.
How Thermascan Works

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Life-Cycle Costing

Achieve the maximum return on your roofing investment.
Life-Cycle Costing Benefits