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Committed to Long-Term Performance and Sustainable Design

The Garland Greenhouse product line was designed to better equip our customers in identifying sustainable alternatives to existing roofing technology. One of the most important and often most overlooked aspects of sustainable design is long-term performance.

Many Garland systems are engineered, manufactured, and designed with the goal of reaching more than 30 years of service life. In an age when many roofs fail within 10 years, Garland systems provide alternatives for those customers who are truly committed to long-term performance and sustainable design.

Garland Greenhouse products incorporate one or more of the following characteristics:

We were among the first roofing companies in North America to embrace green technologies, introducing the first green roof system as early as 1991—a full decade before sustainable design was more universally accepted. In 1997, Garland was recognized with the prestigious Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award for incorporating post-consumer recycled tires into our modified bitumen systems, helping to divert waste from landfills.

We have continued that innovative approach today by incorporating recycled glass into most of our roll goods and introducing the first bio-based modified bitumen membrane with the highest recycled content in the industry, garnering the industry's first UL Environment approval. Garland's successful completion of the UL Environment validation process has resulted in our modified membranes emerging as the first and only third-party evaluated products for both recycled and bio-based content in the roofing market today.

The growing list of Garland Greenhouse products includes:


Green-Lock Flashing Adhesive
Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive
Insul-Lock HR
Insul-Lock E HR


CPR White Coating
Rust-Go VOC Top Coat (White only)
White-Stallion Plus
White-Stallion Plus WC

Roll Goods

StressPly E / E FR Mineral
StressPly EUV
StressPly Plus
StressPly Max
VersiPly 40
VersiPly 80
StressBase 80
StressBase 120
HPR Tri-Base Premium


All metal products

Sealants & Accessories

Green-Lock Sealant XL
Green-Lock Structural Adhesive
Tuff-Stuff MS


GreenShield Module
GreenShield Filterdain 10
GreenShield Root Reinforcement 210
GreenShield Oasis